Benefits of Massages Before and After Workouts


We know massages are great for muscle pains and stress, but did you know that massages are also great before and after workouts? This is why we also offer massage services at San Francisco Workout.

Massages before workouts enable your muscles to warm-up and stretch out. Thus, making it more flexible. It also eases your stress and anxiety, so you’re focused on getting the most out of your workout. It is important to keep these massages gentle with light strokes. Otherwise, it will cause muscle soreness.

Post-workout massage helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. This also helps your recovery time by speeding up cell recovery. The key to post-workout massages is that they should be done as soon as possible after your personal training in California. This can reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness by 30%.

Thinking of getting your fitness regiment to the next level? Hire us as your fitness coach in San Francisco, California. We offer a holistic and personalized regimen that will help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

We also have a nutrition consultant who can help with your overall health. Find out more by booking an appointment today!

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