Consider These If You’re Joining a Fitness Competition


Have you decided that after all the hard work with San Francisco Workout and finally achieving your fitness goals, it’s now time to join a fitness competition? You can very well succeed! It all comes down to preparation. Here are some things you can consider:

  • Keep a calendar. Choose your show, event date, and category and plan out how long it will take you to prepare for it.
  • Hire a good nutrition consultant and fitness trainer. This is pretty much given, but these people will give you proper guidance to help you compete.
  • Hire a posing coach. You can do your homework, but it’s just different when you actually hire someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Put together an overall package. Everything needs to be on point. Other than an amazing body, you may want hairstyling, makeup, spray tans, competition suits, shoes, etc. to be on point.
  • Take before and after photos and keep a fitness diary. This helps you track your progress and adjust your diet/water intake. This also lets you see the changes you’ve done.

Need any help? Other than your workout regimen, we can also provide personal training in California to help your prepare for your competition!

Our Fitness Coach in San Francisco, California also provides programs for food preparation, corporate fitness regimens, and massages. Book your appointment today.

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