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Personal training

Personal training anywhere, brought to you at your home, at your gym, wherever it’s best for you, ensuring you achieve your goal with a fun, varied exercise program.

This is what we do better than anyone else! We design effective, efficient and safe programs for every person we work with. We offer a few different types of training. This is where you can decide what is best for you.

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(one on one or small group training)Home training

Working out with you in your home providing a reliable, high-quality personal training service, providing you with a customized service that is individually tailored to your needs and goals. We provide all the necessary equipment, motivation, knowledge, and experience so that all your sessions with your personal trainer are effective, manageable, and continually challenging. High standards required in order to deliver a service that is unrivaled in the industry.

Your sessions will have variety and will be fun and enjoyable, therefore, ensuring you look forward to your training whilst also keeping you motivated for longer. Not only will your personal trainer motivate you through your session but will aim to be there for you outside those times and provide you with ongoing support via the telephone, email, and text. Below is a small mix of our equipment brought to you.

Small group training

Small group training is the perfect solution for people looking for the benefits of one-on-one training at a more affordable price. Ideal for groups of 2 to 3 individuals with similar fitness levels and similar fitness goals. Each small group training session is filled with fun and challenging strength, flexibility and cardiovascular activities designed to help you quickly reach your fitness goals. Surround yourself with positive energy to help achieve your goals and feel good while encouraging others in the group to reach their fitness goals.


Open-air training in local parks, playing fields, cycle paths pretty much anywhere!
Your trainer will create exciting, fun, exercises out of the most ordinary everyday objects you will find outside. We also provide all the necessary equipment and motivation to make sure you achieve your goals in fun, challenging ways.


If you have the space, you can enjoy all the benefits of personal training at your workplace.

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What Results Can You Expect from Your Personal Training Sessions?

  • Create a nutritional plan based on your goals and on your personal profile.
  • Learn how to turn your body into a “fat-burning machine”.
  • Find out how to get the maximum results out of the least amount of exercise time.
  • Learn how to burn fat while you sleep, watch TV, or sit at your desk at work.
  • Have the body you’ve always wanted, be in better shape at 40 or 50 than you were at 20.
  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick to your program.
  • Learn how to adapt an exercise program.
  • Learn how to recover from an injury and how to prevent future injuries.
If your goal is optimum health, losing weight, gaining weight, toning up or just enjoying a better quality of life, working with your own Personal Trainer will take you there one step at a time!

Pricing for our one-on-one or small group training are determined based on:

  • – Location
  • – Frequency of training
  • – Number of people participating

Personal Training Testimonial

“Joe Williams has been my personal trainer for almost 5 years now. Before I hired him, I would see personal trainers at the gym that were overweight, unfit and always thought to myself, “how can their clients take them seriously!?” Then, when I wanted to really get serious about my fitness, I took notice of Joe with his clients. He’s in great shape himself, being a professional body builder and his clients all seemed to have a genuine relationship with him, rather than just a “do this – do that” type of dynamic. After I solicited his help, he got me to change my diet and fitness routine immediately. He would encourage me on days that I was just at the gym doing cardio and has a friendly smile for everyone. I lost those last lingering 10 lbs. after 3 months of being with him. He really changed my life. I now know how my body works, how to lose weight easily without being hungry and how to motivate myself to get fit. Joe’s a great trainer and now he’s a great friend. Thanks Joe. Your support means a lot to me.”

– Kim Baggett

“I have had the pleasure to have Joe as my personal coach for a little over a year now. I considered myself reasonably fit already but was plagued with a constant stream of injuries. Joe created a custom program that helped me not only achieve my fitness goals but helped me do so in manner that has stopped those injuries from recurring. His customized program is well thought out and He uses a variety of equipment that either I have at home or that He brings with Him. He is extremely knowledgeable as well as very positive and motivating. The home based program offered by San Francisco Fitness could not be duplicated at a fitness club. I look forward to many more years working with Joe and highly recommend His services.

– Tim Brown

“Total professionalism. This is the first thing that comes to mind in reference to how I view Joe Williams capabilities as my Personal Trainer. Joe has been my trainer for over a year now. I find that he is very knowledgeable in respect of the mechanics of the body and the isolation of specific muscles. he is always well prepared for our sessions, keeps them interesting and takes the time to “educate” me in respect of why we do certain exercises versus others and the benefits related thereto. Joe is also very mindful of injuries I have sustained from some of my other activities and has altered my programs so as to avoid injury aggravation and to strengthen specific muscle group’s so as to avoid injury again. Joe is a pleasure to work with!”

– Cristina Coy