Preparing you to achieve better results.
Coaching for Figure Bikini and Bodybuilding Prep Include:
Complete Training and Nutrition Program with Regular Modification

Bodybuilding and Figure are very unique sports that require extremely low levels of body fat, definition, and amazing condition. Don’t guess if what you’re doing will have you ready in time.


Presentation is everything. All too often, a great physique is ruined by poor presentation.
Tanning -The lights on stage require that your body be tanned far beyond one’s natural complexion. We will educate you on proper application of products and how to accentuate your physique with just the right color.

Competition Week

So many people throw away weeks of hard work in the final week by mishandling their water and not obtaining that dry, lean look. We use proven science to ensure that you look your very best and that your hard work was not wasted: from depleting to carbing up, managing electrolytes during dehydration and what to expect on the day of the competition, and how to rebound after a competition, Joe will have you looking your very best on competition day.

Posing Suits, Accessories (Figure)

Depending on your physique, skin tone, etc., the right suit can make all the difference. We will help you determine exactly what you should look for to make sure your physique is shown to its full potential.

Whether you’re in San Francisco or anywhere in the world, we will assist you through every step of preparation and competition. We will stay in constant contact with his clients to ensure that they are maximizing their progress and staying on track from day one until through their show, and ensuring they are rebounding properly from depletion after their show.

Here are the five most common myths about hiring a Bodybuilding figure & bikini coach for your contest prep, plus the truth behind the myth:
“I will be in shape for my first figure contest in a couple weeks”

Competition shape takes time, and nothing you do will shorten it down to a couple weeks.
In fact, you will need to doggedly stick to your coach’s plan for at least a month before you can even begin to notice any change in your body’s physique. Anything faster than this is impossible, and pushing yourself to develop muscles by pumping iron three times for every day of the week and losing 3 pounds of fat every day is extremely dangerous for your health and any decent prep coach of figure competitions knows this very well.

“I need specialized supplements to get in contest shape”

Supplement companies will deny it, online supplement stores will deny it, but the truth of the matter is that you can get perfect competition contest shape using only your body, food, cardio, and a great training program from a top coach.

“I have to do hours and hours of cardio to get that figure competition body”

A common mistake coaches make when designing a plan for a contest is to put too much focus on hours of cardio – not the correct diet.

Even a single 30 min session of intense cardio post workout is more effective than ten grueling 60 mins sessions of cardio a week. The mark of a good prep competition coach is the fact that he listens to how your body feels and reacts when your diet and training are pushed to their limits. Cardio can be determined and added after those two are in place. Whenever you choose your coach you need to make sure he knows what he is doing and that Prep coach will listen to you and your body. You should be able to effectively sculpt your abs to perfection without hours and hours of cardio per week. This is why it is extremely important to choose your Prep coach wisely.

“I only need to focus on exercise to get into shape”

Competition contest prep is as much about diet as it is training correctly, which is why you need to watch out for uneducated prep coaches when hiring one for a contest.

“I don’t need to worry about how easily I can get in touch with my Prep coach”

Oh, you better be worried – how are you going to know what to change, modify, and adapt in your diet, cardio and training routine if you can’t ever get a hold of your Prep competition coach? If they are nowhere to be found how you will ever know how to come into your show correctly as the last week of competition contest prep is the most important. This is especially true for top contest competitors doing a national level show with the ultimate goal of winning.

This competition journey is not a one-time thing that ends once you spend a week on your diet in hopes of achieving your desired physique. You need to keep going at it for weeks and years on end if you ever hope to make those magazine covers and be rich and famous.